Just a simple urine sample...


That's what I asked my vet when he suggested testing Mistral for diabetes. I totally agreed that she should be tested - her condition had deteriorated quite badly, she was drinking even more than usual and flooding the litter tray, but HOW to get that urine sample? As a clue, my vet gave me a syringe.

I watched poor Mistral like a hawk that evening, but even so she managed to slip into the bathroom and use the litter tray unnoticed. At 3am, I awoke to the gentle tinkle of her nametag against the stainless steel water bowl.

I shot out of bed and was ready, syringe in hand (though with still no idea what I was going to do with it) when she reached the litter tray. Inspiration! I pushed the syringe right through the litter that she'd just used, to the bottom of the tray, pulled the plunger, and came up with at least one cc of urine, which really is enough for a test.

But, I got carried away and decided to try for some more, pushed the syringe to the bottom of the litter tray again ? and pressed the plunger.

Out squirted the urine sample into the litter box. My only excuse was that it was 3am. Of course, by that time the litter had absorbed all the urine, so it was no use trying again.

On my way back to bed, inspiration struck for the second time. Of course! A spoon! I put a spoon ready in the bathroom and went back to bed. Come morning, I got up as usual, fed the cats, went to the bathroom, and Mistral came and sat companionably next to me, each of us on our own toilet. I had to finish very quickly to get the spoon under her bottom in time, but, in the end, I was quite proud of the size of the sample I was able to present to Dr Rowe!