Chairperson and Show Manager

Adri Swart
Adri Swart Adri ‘popped in’ at a cat show in 2005 where she saw her first ‘live’ Aby on show – well that was the beginning of a love affair. Shortly after she acquired her first Aby (variant), which led to a Somali a year later, and in 2013 her first imported Aby queen (Skyfall) for her cattery AbyZula’s breeding programme, with the help of Gill Burman and SAASA. Since the beginning she has been involced with SAASA (SA Abyssinian & Somali Association), served for a short period on BIG/TBCC. Over the years she became more involved with shows, first from SAASA’s side, but more recently shadowing Ian Moore on the WPCC shows. She is looking forward to contributing to WPCC for many years.

Secretary and Newsletter Layout

Charlotte van der Riet
Charlotte van der Riet Charlotte started showing Siamese in the late 80's and acquired her first broodqueen from Marlene van Dyk of Mutti's cattery in 2003. She has been breeding and showing Siamese since 2004. She is also Honorary Secretary of the Siamese Breeders' Group of SA and active member of the group. Charlotte is currently in training to become an All Breeds judge. She is expecting her fist litter of Orientals from her first Oriental queen in March 2010.

Other Committee Members

Ingrid van Eck Gain
Ingrid van Eck Gain Ingrid was born in Kimberley and has been in Cape Town since 2001. She has owned and loved cats for as long as she can remember. She has recently acquired her first pedigree: a Sphynx!

Leanne Hewitt
Leanne Hewitt Leanne Hewitt joined the WPCC committee in December 2006. Leanne has been responsible for re-establishing the Russian Blue in Cape Town, and is now investigating other colours of the Russian breed. In addition to the cats and her husband, Leanne's family includes rabbits and horses.

Charlene du Toit
Charlene du Toit Charlene loves all animals and showed and bred Golden Retrievers for many years. Her first cat was a rescue kitten she adopted from the SPCA shortly after starting her broadcasting career in Windhoek. She was introduced to the world of purebred show cats when a good friend gave her daughter a Siamese kitten as a gift, on the condition that they show it. Milo was followed 9 months later by his Siamese cross half-sister, Cleopatra. Cleo had an impressive show career: she came third in the domestic lineup at COTY in 2009 and qualified for Cape Top Cat twice. She sadly had to be put to sleep after developing cancer three years ago. Charlene's most successful show cat so far has been her Seal Tabbypoint Siamese, Tr Sp Pr Mai-Thai's Catsanova NQ. RQ, Katzo retired after 52 Supreme Certificates and is now a member of the SACC Merit Club (Silver). Charlene now has four cats - two Siamese and two Orientals - and at present is only showing her young Lilac Oriental boy, Mai-Thai's Take That. She started stewarding at championship shows in 2008 and through her interaction with judges has learned a lot about the different cat breeds. She is also an active member of the Siamese Breeders' Group of SA and was elected as Honorary Secretary of the Group two years ago.

Andrew Tennison
Andrew Tennison Andrew has been involved with the cat fancy since 2008. In that time he has shown both domestic and pedigree cats with varying success. He and his wife Colette share their home with 3 cats, Joe, Bandit and Mimi.

Last updated 4 November 2017.